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*Classes are FULL, with the exception of the Beginner class on Monday 5:45pm & the Adult class on Thursday 6:45pm. We are compiling a wait list.

Please message me prior to registering - thanks


Children learn a martial art to do something fun, learn a new skill, do something different from their friends.


Parents introduce their children to martial arts for self confidence, self discipline, self control, and for a fun activity.

Come in and visit us today!

Try a class for Free. 

Monday 5:45-6:30pm  white & yellow belts only ages 8+

Tuesday & Thursday  5-5:30pm  4-7 year old   "Mitey Mites"

Tuesday & Thursday 5:45 - 6:30pm  8+ year old  Yellow - Green   beginner/interm

Tuesday 6:30-7:15pm   blue, purple, red/advanced

Thursday 6:45-7:45pm advanced & adult

1st & 3rd Wednesday 5-6pm Sparring class (separate fee)

$50 month / 1 class per week

$90 month / 2 classes per week

$35 month / sparring fee add-on

uniforms (dobok) $40

Sign up today!  (closed last two weeks of August each year)


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